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When other banks don’t agree with you, we are here to manage all your needs with our unmatched bank partners relationship.

Starting your cannabis business investments and maintaining it, can be challenging and sometimes an overwhelming experience. Our goal is to be a value-added partner above and beyond the standard offering and be responsive to the ever-changing demands of the alternative cannabis investments industry. From inception to operations, our banking partners give you all you need to achieve growth. from cash management, multiple bank accounts, payroll, pos, cash deposits etc. Our mission is to help you succeed in this industry. 

All our banking partners are compliant, regulated and insured to ensure your cash is protected with uninterrupted coverage. Having a peace of mind, knowing your cannabis investment is up for success.

Contact us now: We will take care of all processes, while you focus on what's important - Your Cannabis business investment.

Access quick cannabis investments fund with a micro minimum of $48.11 unit price (as of Nov 25th, 2023)

This powerful financial tool that can significantly impact profitability and in return, increase your cannabis portfolio for a longer period.