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Your trusted financial partner in the cannabis industry.

Seattle, WA. Nov 30TH 2023., a leading cannabis fintech company, is excited to announce the introductions of her Purchase money financing funds. 

TheSeattleCannabis company known for providing better cannabis investments and financial technology. we proudly unveil our open funds. This groundbreaking product marks a significant milestone in the company's commitment to make cannabis investing easy to access for everyday individuals with a micro minimum of $48.11 unit price (as of Nov 25th, 2023). 

A powerful financial tool that can significantly impact profitability and in return, increase shareholders portfolio. The global cannabis market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. With this growth, investing in cannabis can be a smart move for those looking to diversify their portfolio.

The steady growth in the cannabis market. As the cannabis industry continue to grow, we have selectively built a community of cannabis executives with expertise beyond transactional values. connected directly from the source. 

We have handpicked a well performing cannabis asset with promising growth. since we work directly with the cannabis leader. You can rest assure about the credibility and the early markets deals, proven to bring in a well combined experiences coupled with a growth aspect of technology and innovations.

Our fund’s portfolio will provide, continuous innovative and diverse products in the cannabis space. You don’t want to miss a chance. 

Ninety-Nine percent of failures come from people who have the habits of making excuses.

-George Washington Carver. 

Your attitude is the eye of the soul. if your attitude is negative. then you see things negatively. if it’s positive, then you see things positively.

- John C. Maxwell. 

Before putting off until tomorrow something you can do today. Study it very close. Gain access to executive deals, start your cannabis asset accumulation now

Keeping Up with Medicine & Consumer Products. has deep inside partners. we execute faster with quick turn arounds. We will provide, all you need to grow your cannabis business. 

We are committed to providing flexible and innovative, customized fintech solutions that meet the needs of our clients and the cannabis industry. We are on a mission to help you succeed in your cannabis business investment.

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