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TheCannabisMutual Fund I

The control to include cannabis assets into your portfolio? The following franchise stage will be for investors to move, starting with one chain then onto the next. Allowing you to own a portion of cannabis portfolio from different franchises. Our business relationship with cannabis business leaders makes us the right partners in the cannabis financial space. We work with cannabis ventures flawlessly in all states of Washington.We will find cannabis business licenses available for a new management, or a new ownership. We will be introducing and strategizing our growth plan for better customer retention. Learn more about this offer by email. 

Minimum Amount:

Location: United State

Investments period 7-10years
Model Cannabis Sellers S Permit
Asset Type CashFlow Cannabis License
Accreditation Sophisticated Investor
Individual Minimum $500k
Organization Minimum $1.2MM
Size of Fund (Millions) $878,246.1M
Ongoing Fees None
Asset Class Multi Asset
Open to New Investors Yes
Payout Monthly, Quarterly
Commercial Multi-tenant R.E Acquisition.

TheSeattleCannabis Multi-Tenant NNN Lease Real Estate Investments. an excellent portfolio alternative for investors that are looking to place their hard-earned money into an income producing commercial property. this fund will focus on sourcing premier turnkey cash-flow commercial real estate properties. ____ We will acquire Class A, B, & C. commercial assets that are located near major economic drivers.  some of the best real estate investment opportunities for investors of all levels. holdings will include new-construction and newly renovated commercial spaces, multi tenants leasing spaces and vacant lands.   Eliminate “single asset risk” through portfolio diversification. The expectation that one or two assets may significantly outperform projections further increases the likelihood of a higher overall return for investors.___Request your access.

Minimum Amount:

Location: United State

Asset Type Multi Tenants Commercial R.E
Term Duration From 7 years
Accreditation Minimum $200,000+
ROI 15.0% + Bonus
Payments Monthly payments.
Max Return 16.7% per year.
Payoff Repaid at maturity.
Payout Date: 1st of the month.
Bonus 5% paid at maturity.
Open to New Investors Yes
On going Fees None
Cannabis Purchase Money Mutual Fund

As the cannabis industry continue to grow. The Cannabis business owners, who may not have sufficient funds upfront but are willing to make regular payments over a certain period.The fund will be a source of immediate financing approvals, We will process to our financing request by prioritizing growth loan request to the cannabis companies, local startup. Innovations and inventory updates. Cannabis business leader, that have strong sales but may not have the cash on hand to cover the costs of a large order.   This gives you the hedge as an investor to diversify your portfolio in the cannabis space  and embark early into our marketplace. Achieving positive ROI. A powerful financial tool that can significantly impact profitability and in return, increase shareholders portfolio.

Minimum Amount:

Location: United State

Unit Price : $48.11 (as of Nov 25th 2023)
Asset Type Asset Base Financing
Model Purchase Money Financing
Asset Class Prime Asset
Accreditation Universal Investors
Open to New Investors Yes
Managements Fees None
Matures From 12 Months
Fund Amount N.A
Pay Out Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Investments Type Equity

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